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Specialty Items for Car Dealers
18" Betallatex™ Latex balloons are perfect for outdoors at Car Dealerships. These large balloons give a great visual impact in a variety of colours to draw attention.   These balloons are conveniently packaged in 25 count bags with the perfect assortment for you.  We do suggest to stay away from the deep crystal colours in the hot weather, as these balloons are completely bio-degradeable and the heat is absorbed more quickly in dark colours.  We also have a selection of solid colour bags available as well.

High in the sky!

We are proud to offer you both 3' and 5' balloons for your outdoor event. They come in a variety of colours. Attach with our colourful 100' pennant lines to draw attention to your location.  These balloons are purchased singly so you can  create colour theme or make it a party and go with multi colours.

Add Hi-Float™ to your outdoor 3' balloons and get longer life out of your balloons, giving you savings on labour and helium costs.

Balloon Balls

Specially designed with car dealerships in mind, these balloon balls are air filled and work without helium.  They are a multi-use balloon that attaches by a specially designed holder that clips on a car window.  Balloon balls can also be air inflated and hung from a ceiling with a ribbon accent to tie the look together.  They come in a rainbow of different colours and or if you prefer they also come printed with 'SALE' on them.  These can also be custom printed to fit your unique needs.  These are not a latex balloon, instead they are a vinyl balloon so they are extremely long lasting.

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