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Helium Rentals

Get Your Business or the Party Started with Our Helium Rentals

Balloons-R-Fun Inc. offers competitively priced helium equipment rentals for both long and short term rentals. With a variety of sizes we are sure to have the right size for your retail location, car dealership or to help get another special celebration in full swing. Before you rent one of our helium tanks, be sure to check with your event venue to ensure you rent the right sized equipment for your needs and be sure to go over the recommended helium safety precautions for proper usage. What size cylinder to rent can be determined by examining the size and quantity of balloons you will need and how large the location is first. Please contact us  using the eform below should you have any questions, comments or concerns about our helium equipment or to check our availability and pricing!

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Please note that our helium rentals are limited to the Greater Vancouver/Fraser Valley areas.  Valid BC drivers license and refundable rental deposit is required at time of rental

Helium is a safe, non-flammable, non-explosive and non-combustible gas, however it is high pressure which means helium cylinders should be respected at all times.  Cylinders filled with helium should be stored in an upright and secure position at all times. 


 Helium should not be used as a 'voice altering' substance.  Helium can be harmful if inhaled including suffocation and death.

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