"Hot Mess Express" - Assorted Colors

"Hot Mess Express" - Assorted Colors

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Badass Balloon Co. has modernized a party staple though their sassy, humorous and sometimes downright abusive balloons. Their hilarious messages balloons transcend the function of simple party decorations by doubling as super fun social media props. 

Design; Hot Mess Express

•Natural latex balloons
•100% Biodegradable
•12 inch, 3.2g balloon
•Helium grade
•Assorted Colors
•5 pack available

Assorted Colors

*Please note that the photos above are for illustration only and the final product colors may vary, as the colors on your computer screen will read differently than the colors that will print. String not provided.

Latex balloons will last around 7-10 hours, dependent upon the grade of helium used. Balloons may last longer if Hi-Float solution is used.